Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Turkey Meatballs!

Never in a MILLION Years!

I didn't think I would ever say this, but here it goes:

I have been AGAINST ground TURKEY for all of these years, and I was only fooling myself!  My FAMILY LOVED them also!  We actually could have done without the WHOLE WHEAT PASTA and had some fresh broccoli or something! The SAUCE was really really tasty too!
Want the recipe????

So now that the foodie Topic has been covered~

WHAT IN THE WORLD happened to this CHICK?

Yes that was before 10 years of marriage to the MOST wonderful man in the world (thats him with me), giving birth to 2 children, lots of stress, before the "L" pill or otherwise known as "LEXY" (lexapro), and mountains of other bits of LIFE!  
Food has become a crutch for me!  Something I can turn to when things seem out of WAC!  And ummmmm...have I mentioned that I really LOVE food! 

I have decided I love my family more! 

I can not continue teaching them these bad habits, and I want to so badly be around to watch them grow! 
My love and I are going to make this happen!
Thanks for all of the ENCOURAGEMENT!  My "LOVE LANGUAGE" is "words of AFFIRMATION" so KEEP it coming!
See you tomorrow with another DELISH recipe!


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  1. i still say you are beautiful inside and out. 10 years of stress here too...let's keep each other accountable. tomorrow i shall do 2 miles. :) oh and yes, turkey meatballs are the bomb. try ground turkey in everything...costco has amazing turkey patties. we love them with bbq sauce and fresh farmers market green beans...yum!