Friday, January 21, 2011

Here is todays yummy recipe!

I am getting ready to make these little goodies! We have some friends coming over tonight to play cards! It will be a finger food night!  Piggies, sweet n sour turkey meatballs, & chicken fries!
It is so wonderful! I can still have all of these things, but I just have to limit my self!  I have had a very lean foods today so I am gonna be ALRIGHT!

SO here is another motivational picture!
UGHHHH!!!!!! Look at those chins! COME ON!
My hair looks a bit greasy too!!!! Promise I take daily showers!!! 
I am hoping for a GREAT weekend! NO OVER EATING for ME!

A GREAT FRIEND of mine...he is actually like a brother to me, shared a wonderful recipe with me!

If cooking for 2 or 3
I used about 1 cup of quick oats or regular oatmeal
about 1 cup of Kirkland's 'real eggs" which are 99% egg whites (from Costco)
1/2 cup fatfree cottage cheese or 1%  (doesn't matter as you wont taste it anyway...just makes it a bit fluffier)
a little bit of vanilla  (and cinnamon if you like cinnamon)
I also add 2 packs of PureVia, an all natural zero calorie sweetner made from Stevia.  It is the only Stevia sweetner that I think tastes any good. I get it at costco as well.
Blend it all up in a blender and cook it up pancake style!
Since I see you like butter, so as a substitute try and add some Fabio spray on top of the pancakes!  That is what I call "I can't believe it's not butter" spray.
Meredith puts Avage Nectar on hers and I just sprinkle some pure via or some natural peanut butter on the top with some pure via.
Tomorrow morning we will be having these with some TURKEY BACON! YUMMY! 
Thanks MIKEY! 

WIshing you all a weekend full of BLESSINGS!


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