Monday, January 24, 2011


1st off!
THE COOKIES from my last post ARE
You have got to make them! I cracked up when I made the batter, because it was so little!  There was not much at all!!!!  But it made the cookies just like the recipe said, and THEY WERE SO YUMMY!  SUPER EASY to make also! I made them while playing PHASE 10 with friends!! LOL

2nd on our AGENDA!
(drum roll)
-2.2 pounds
No it is not 6, but 2.2 is BETTER THAN GAINING!  I am so happy! 

Here is another MOTIVATIONAL picture!  I cant wait to be able to smile and you don't see 3 chins!!  Also, when your fat and you smile....your eyes squint!! UGHHHH!!!!  Thats what I recognize most now in squinty my eyes are!!!!!!  DRIVES ME BANANAS!

I have really been struggling with CRAVING!  Saturday night.....I almost REALLY MESSED up!  I was about to eat 2 corn dogs!  I looked at the calories/fat....said to my LOVE "honey I really wan't these...should I just go for it!!!!!!" he said "no way! Dont do it"  ANd guess what???
instead I sliced myself and apple and had some of the light caramel dip!!!

I am also really struggling with EXERCISE! I know I would feel better and loose more if I would make myself walk or something!!! TOday I am going to really challenge myself to go for a nice long walk!

Hope you all ARE GREAT!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Here is todays yummy recipe!

I am getting ready to make these little goodies! We have some friends coming over tonight to play cards! It will be a finger food night!  Piggies, sweet n sour turkey meatballs, & chicken fries!
It is so wonderful! I can still have all of these things, but I just have to limit my self!  I have had a very lean foods today so I am gonna be ALRIGHT!

SO here is another motivational picture!
UGHHHH!!!!!! Look at those chins! COME ON!
My hair looks a bit greasy too!!!! Promise I take daily showers!!! 
I am hoping for a GREAT weekend! NO OVER EATING for ME!

A GREAT FRIEND of mine...he is actually like a brother to me, shared a wonderful recipe with me!

If cooking for 2 or 3
I used about 1 cup of quick oats or regular oatmeal
about 1 cup of Kirkland's 'real eggs" which are 99% egg whites (from Costco)
1/2 cup fatfree cottage cheese or 1%  (doesn't matter as you wont taste it anyway...just makes it a bit fluffier)
a little bit of vanilla  (and cinnamon if you like cinnamon)
I also add 2 packs of PureVia, an all natural zero calorie sweetner made from Stevia.  It is the only Stevia sweetner that I think tastes any good. I get it at costco as well.
Blend it all up in a blender and cook it up pancake style!
Since I see you like butter, so as a substitute try and add some Fabio spray on top of the pancakes!  That is what I call "I can't believe it's not butter" spray.
Meredith puts Avage Nectar on hers and I just sprinkle some pure via or some natural peanut butter on the top with some pure via.
Tomorrow morning we will be having these with some TURKEY BACON! YUMMY! 
Thanks MIKEY! 

WIshing you all a weekend full of BLESSINGS!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sweet Tooth
Sometimes I kinda feel like PAULA DEAN! I love to cook with BUTTER!  I have a confession to make! Do you ever watch her show?  Well, once she made these big JUICY GREASE BURGERS and do you know what she put in the meat while she was seasoning it??????  BUTTER! She chopped it up and added it to the mixture like it was fresh garlic or something!  My confession:
I MADE THEM & they were good!  I have never told ANYONE that!!!! I didn't even tell my family, but I do remember they loved those burgers!  
Something should have told me "DUHHHHHH" if you are afraid to tell anyone what is in them, then maybe you shouldn't make them! 
Live and LEARN! 
 I get my love for Butter Honestly! If any of you know my mother 

(my mom and big brother)
you know this woman CAN COOK and she LOVES butter too! 
I also got a love for cooking from my mom!  I am no where NEAR her level, but I do love it!
I love the feeling of preparing a meal for my family, and I really love when they LOVE what I have made!  (can you tell I LOVE THE WORD LOVE HEHEHEHE)  WE sit down at the dinner table every night! Even if it take out we share our meal together!  Every once in awhile as a treat we watch a movie and eat in living room, but not very often!  Dinner time is special to us, and now it can be special and healthy! It doesn' have to be drenched in BUTTER to be delicious and special! 

Well, yesterday I made a new DELICIOUS TREAT! It smelled liked HEAVEN while it was baking, and we were all REALLY excited to try it!  NOW YOU SHOULD TOO!

They were SO YUMMY! WE put the butterscotch chips in them!  

 In the past few days I have received 3 different emails about this website
It is a new cool bible study and book!  I think I am going to get it and see if anyone wants to join me in the study! A friend of mine is doing it with some ladies at her church!  Maybe I can get a small group together at my house or something!  We will see!

Once again thanks for all of the Encouragement!  A blogger friend contacted me yesterday...she is also a photographer, and made me an unbelievable offer!  She wanted to know how much weight I wanted to loose total (100 lbs)!  When I get to my halfway mark she will to a family photo shoot for us AS A GIFT, plus provide me with all of the proofs fully edited!  Then when I get to my 100 lb goal....she will do another FAMILY photo shoot at the BEACH! AS A GIFT AGAIN! 
CAN  YOU SAY GENEROUS!  We have never even met in person!  We have just become blogger friends!!!!  AMAZING!

Today I will grab the ipad and go for a long walk! I am not sure how long just yet, but I will report back and let you know!

Try the recipe and let me know if you would want to join me in the bible study!!!!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Turkey Meatballs!

Never in a MILLION Years!

I didn't think I would ever say this, but here it goes:

I have been AGAINST ground TURKEY for all of these years, and I was only fooling myself!  My FAMILY LOVED them also!  We actually could have done without the WHOLE WHEAT PASTA and had some fresh broccoli or something! The SAUCE was really really tasty too!
Want the recipe????

So now that the foodie Topic has been covered~

WHAT IN THE WORLD happened to this CHICK?

Yes that was before 10 years of marriage to the MOST wonderful man in the world (thats him with me), giving birth to 2 children, lots of stress, before the "L" pill or otherwise known as "LEXY" (lexapro), and mountains of other bits of LIFE!  
Food has become a crutch for me!  Something I can turn to when things seem out of WAC!  And ummmmm...have I mentioned that I really LOVE food! 

I have decided I love my family more! 

I can not continue teaching them these bad habits, and I want to so badly be around to watch them grow! 
My love and I are going to make this happen!
Thanks for all of the ENCOURAGEMENT!  My "LOVE LANGUAGE" is "words of AFFIRMATION" so KEEP it coming!
See you tomorrow with another DELISH recipe!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Weight Loss Journey


I am posting this picture because I HATE IT! When I am getting dressed, putting on my make-up, and going about my day I DO NOT FEEL LIKE I LOOK THIS BIG!  Truth is: the camera is not LYING!  I feel like I do LOVE food!  People on TV are always saying that is not possible, but thats how I feel!  I love hot fresh french bread with some delish oil dipping sauce...I do feel like I LOVE that feeling I get when I eat it!  Have you ever noticed the "EXPERTS" saying that are skinny minnie?  

My husband and I decided to start this journey together! The Journey to HEALTHY!  I am very thankful he is helping me and I am helping him!  Last night I was dying for PANCAKES and BACON, but he very sweetly encouraged me not to do that!  Thats all I NEEDED!!!!

The plan we are following is Weight Watchers Online
In the first week I lost 6 lbs, this week I only lost .4
I did GREAT all week, and then BLEW it this weekend! BLEW IT!
I am back "on the WAGON", and plan to stick with it!  I think I needed to feel that disappointment!

So I would love to have you come along with me on the trip! It is going to be fun, emotional, and probably like a ROLLER COASTER!